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"I’ve worked in the television and film industry worldwide for over forty years. This has afforded me the opportunity

and privilege of meeting and working with many outstanding creative men and women in front and behind the camera.”

“I’ve known and worked on occasion with Ms. Lawalata over the past half dozen years. As an experienced film editor,

Jane consistently demonstrated genuine attention to detail and astute understandings of all facets of the film editing process.

Jane’s disciplined approach to the work has steadfastly exemplified skill and professionalism.”


“Jane Lawalata is an experienced and talented film editor with much to contribute to any motion picture production

she takes on. I endorse and recommend her.”

- GIL SHILTON (TV Series Director : Beverly Hills 90210, Law & Order, Quantum Leap, The A Team, Mac Gyver)

"I’ve known and worked closely with Jane for over ten years. In that time, I’ve watched her grow as an editor and producer and in every project she worked on, she used her excellent skills to deliver great results. Worthy of note is the excellent job Jane did as the editor and co-producer for two award winning-movies in the Next Page Productions portfolio: ‘Dry’ and “Through The Glass’. Jane did a remarkable job with both projects as she does in all tasks. In every project on which we collaborated, she exhibited the strong professionalism that all video professionals desire. She is an excellent team player and always brought unique and creative suggestions to the table. Jane works well under deadline pressure and can complete multiple tasks with favorable results. On a personal level, she’s charismatic and well spoken, both qualities that have served her well in her role as editor and producer."

- STEPHANIE OKEREKE LINUS ("DRY" & "Through the Glass" Writer, Director, Producer)


“Jane Lawalata performed exemplary work for me as a junior editor on a high profile international project,

showing remarkable natural instincts as an editor and displaying an incredible work ethic. I have supervised many junior

and assistant editors on the biggest shows and Ms. Lawalata has proven herself to be in that top echelon of editors,

in a market where only a small percentage are top drawer talent.”

- JARRAT CARSON (Producer of The Amazing Race)



“Jane is an extraordinary talent, and a wonderful human being! It’s been my pleasure to know her now for over ten years,

starting in academia as her Producing Instructor in Los Angeles, where she excelled as a student.

I’ve also worked with her in a professional capacity in the last few years after graduating  

and have seen her creative work mature into something that she should really be proud of as a film maker.

She’s done great things so far with her career and I truly look forward to seeing where her future is going artistically.”

-RUSSELL GRAY (Original Casting Director of Sex & The City, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, Robocop, Highlander,

MacGyver (TV Series), Producer of Red Sky, From the Head, The Mulberry Tree, Star Crossed, A Better Way to Die,

Co-Producer of Baja, Co-Executive Producer of Devil’s Pass and Executive Producer The Last Marshall)


“I know Jane Lawalata for over 5 years, maybe 7 years and she was worked with me on several productions

and several pilots as both of cinematographer, editor and producer. I was a producer on her feature film “Chatterbox”,

which was the first movie to be directed by a woman from South East Asia/Indonesia and was a big success

and distributed worldwide. Nothing but good things about Jane, she is great to work with, she is cooperative, she is creative.”

-KENNY FEUERMAN (Field Producer of Entertainment Tonight,1983, Producer Documentary Iron Maiden : Behind the Iron Curtain)


"Working with Jane Lawalata has completely changed my view of the director-editor relationship.

She's the ultimate collaborator, has excellent communication skills and truly understands storytelling.

I cannot wait for the next project that we can work together on." 

-NICK SIVAKUMARAN (Senior Directing Instructor at New York Film Academy, Los Angeles)



“Jane was a complete dream come true, she was kind, she was prepared, she came to work every day

evaluating everyone’s time, she brought things out of me that I didn’t even know I could access and I would love to work

with her in any future projects. I think she is amazing and I am her biggest fan.” 




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